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Resistance Spot Welding Services

We have expertise in providing high quality laser and resistance spot welding on precision applications where accuracy is absolutely essential.
The glove box is used for micro resistance spot (seal) welding in a controlled atmosphere. Typically, an argon/helium mix is used for this process. Parts are evacuated and back filled with the gas mixture and passed into the glove box for the final resistance spot weld closure.

Resistance Welding Glove Box Final leak test is accomplished by exposing the device to a mass spectrometer helium leak detector to check for any trace of helium.

Resistance spot welding
Micro Spot Welding wires to vanes for an air driven switch

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RWS Glovebox Resistance Spot Welding Glove Box

Typical Resistance Spot welding industry applications include:

    Fiber Optics
    Medical Devices
    Micro/Miniature Parts
    Sensors for high temperature / high pressure environments
    Surgical Tools
    Various Commercial Applications

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