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Laser Marking Services

Laser Engraving is an excellent choice for marking or branding of your products. It is a quick contact free method of permanently marking materials. A computer controlled laser beam is used to engrave the material by vaporizing or discoloring the surface of a part to provide the desired image. The appearance and contrast of the images vary depending on the material being marked. The accurate control of the system allows a variety of details to be achieved including text, incremental numbering, serialization, and images such as your company logo. The laser marking process can be done on flat, circular, or contoured surfaces with the use of CNC and/or rotational tooling, and can be done on materials such as metals, plastics, ceramics, and wood.
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Laser Marking Machine

Electron Beam Engineering is now equipped to supply our customers with laser marking services for their components.

We offer a rapid turnaround time coupled with competitive pricing. Please contact our sales department to take advantage of a free laser marking sample to see the quality our services can provide to you and your components.

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Industry Laser Marking Examples

Medical Industry - Serial Numbers for medical devices, implants or instruments.
Aerospace Industry – Batch numbers, serial numbers, or date codes for aircraft components.
Automotive Industry – Part identification numbers for automotive components.
Commercial Industry
  • •  Branding of promotional items with names & logos
  • •  CE Markings for electrical equipment
  • •  Wiring diagrams or symbols for machine panels
  • •  Jewelry engravings

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