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Laser Welding Technology

Laser welding technology makes use of a technique that joins metals through the use of a laser beam surrounded by an inert shielding gas.

Laser Welding Technology
Laser Beam Welding Technology

Narrow deep welds
High welding rates
Light duty high volume applications, such as those found in consumer products (Automotive/Appliances/Domestic Disposables)

Laser beam welding (LBW) is a versatile process that is particularly suitable for joining stainless steels and titanium. The advantage of LBW versus EBW is that no vacuum chamber is required. Eliminating the need for a vacuum chamber, a pumping system and the time necessary to evacuate the chamber equates to lower cost and higher volume. However, as opposed to LBW, EBW typically offers a superior (deeper and narrower) quality of weld with the added benefit of no oxidization.

Laser Welding Technology 200 Watt 150 Joule Laser
200 Watt 150 Joule Laser

State of the art Laser Beam welding technology

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