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Welding for NASCAR race cars throttle shafts.

The welds performed by Electron Beam Engineering, Inc. are not limited to airplanes, spacecraft and offshore oil rigs. Our work can also be found on land – as automotive welding, inside the engines of high performance racing engines. One of the components that EBE welds for the automotive industry is the throttle shafts for NASCAR race cars. This component goes between the throttle linkage and the carburetor, and in the past it was always Gas Tungsten Arc (TIG) welded by hand. Many years ago, during an actual race, one of the cars suddenly lost power when the throttle shaft broke due to a fractured TIG weld. When the manufacturer approached EBE for help, it was a simple solution: redesign the weld joint and switch to electron beam welding. Since the switch to electron beam welding, no throttle shafts have broken.

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Electron beam welding is also being used on transmission gears, titanium valves, fuel injection systems and other critical automotive components.
EBE’s team of talented engineers can weld the most complex and intricate automotive components with Electron Beam or Laser welds, and we can assist in the design, material selection and manufacturing as well".

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Many automotive manufacturers now use laser and electron beam welding. The results are superior to conventional welds and, when automated, output is improved. Some components are better suited than others for an electron beam or laser weld, depending on their material and application. EBE uses its world-class equipment and the wealth of knowledge accumulated by years of experience to best determine the proper welding method for particular automotive components.
Automotive Nascar Resistance Spot Welding Our quality system is certified to AS9100D with ISO 9001:2015, ISO9001 and ISO13485. We are Nadcap accredited, and our electron beam welding operators are all AWS D17.1 certified.

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