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Advanced sensors are required for a wide variety of industrial applications

Electron Beam Engineering, Inc. is a leader in sensor welding across many platforms, whether it is for semi-conductors, the mining industry, or for oil and gas exploration. There are many types of sensors, but most of them require precision welds that are best performed with an electron beam or laser providing the intricate accuracy necessary for welding these sensitive products. A few examples of sensor welding are shown below and are listed by the various industries where they might be utilized. Some of these sensors might need to function in harsh environments and would benefit from EB or laser welding to hermetically seal these joints.

aerospace Sensor Welding

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Sensor Welding for communication

Ventilator Sensor welding

Sensor types may include:

    Aerospace Industry: Control sensors and pressure sensors – These types of sensors might be used on a robotic arm for drilling into a planet’s surface, or used on an airplane landing gear to monitor tire pressure.
    Automotive Industry: Pressure sensors, and fluid sensors - These sensors monitor tire pressure, or pressure systems for airbags, and control fluids going into an engine such as fuel or oil.
    Communications: Passive and active sensors - Might map and transmit images from space back to the earth’s surface via a satellite.
    Medical Industry: Pressure and Flow sensors - These might be used on respiratory devices such as a ventilator.
    Oil and Gas Industry: Downhole sensors – The sensors needs to go thousands of feet into the ground so it can relay critical information about minerals & gases that may be present, gas pressure, and the surrounding temperatures in the hole back up to the surface.

    Many sensors require the welding of dissimilar metals, which is one of EBE’s specialties. Our team of experienced engineers and electron beam operators has the skills and expertise to piece together different metals with the strongest integrity. We consult on manufacturing as well to cut down on production time and improve the design or materials.

Is Electron Beam Welding Right for Your Sensors?

Sensor welds need to be airtight and the welding process cannot get too hot. Otherwise, the metal body might melt and damage the sensor. Electron beam are not only precise and controlled, but they also have a minimum heat output, making it the perfect tool for welding dissimilar metals and critical industrial devices such as sensors.

Quality Certifications

Our sensor welding processes are certified at the highest level for the industry with ISO 9001:2008 Certification. Our ISO13485 certification for the medical device industry, and AS9100D with ISO 9001:2015 for aerospace sets us apart in the area of sensor welding for both the medical and aerospace industries. Our electron beam welding operators are certified to the American Welding Society standard AWS D17.1, and we are also Nadcap AS7003 Welding Accredited for electron beam welding.

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