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Frequenly Asked Questions

How long will it take to run my job?

This depends on several factors. Quantity of parts in the order, availability of a particular machine that may be required to weld your parts, any tooling requirements that may need to be manufactured prior to running your job, and of course the current work load in-house at the time of your order. Most projects however can usually be completed within 7 – 10 working days.

Are there advantages in selecting Electron Beam Engineering?

Yes! We are classified as a small business and our capabilities are excellent at every level. Our response time is unusually fast and we have established a record of producing superior welds, on time and at a competitive cost. We can offer both laser and electron beam welding & provide comparison quotes.

How long does it take to get a quote?

We do our best to respond to RFQ’s within 24 – 48 hours. There are times however when an extensive project requiring outside services such as x-ray, penetrant, heat treat, or other outside processes may take us a little longer to respond. This is because we are waiting on pricing back from our outside sources. If you are concerned that you have not heard from us please just give us a call to check status and we will be happy to provide you with an update. Remember all quotes are Free!

How do you quote – by the hour or by the piece?

Production runs are quoted by the piece, and there is also a setup charge for most jobs. Development projects will be quoted by the hour or as a NTE (not to exceed) lot charge.

What are your payment terms?

All new customers are typically COD for their first order. We do request that you submit your credit details with your first order so that we can begin working on getting you approved for our normal Net 30 terms.

Do you accept credit cards?

No, we no longer accept credit card payments. We do however encourage you to set up EFT/ACH payments as a paperless option. Please contact our office to request the necessary form. You will need to provide that form to your accounts payable department to set up this type of payment process with your bank.

Do my parts have to be clean before they can be welded?

Yes, electron beam & laser welding require clean parts. Dirty parts cause contamination in the weld joint and this will cause your parts to spit when the beam hits it, which could create a rejected weld.

Do you provide welding work nationally or internationally?

Yes, because we specialize in welding small components we can accept jobs from almost anywhere. Just package them to prevent damage during shipment and send them to our facility in Anaheim California. So whether you are located right here in sunny California, or back in lovely New York, if you are our neighbor up in Canada, or you’re all the way in the Outback of Australia – it doesn’t matter we can do it all!

What are Electron Beam Engineering’s best capabilities?

The simple answer is that we excel in welding small precision components. All our operators are certified and we are Nadcap approved.

Why was Electron Beam Engineering selected for NASA Cassini?

Because we have the experience and technology. 2. NASA had confidence in our expertise and demanded total reliability from all the very expensive welded components in order to survive the journey through outer space. - See more at: http://ebeinc.com/faq.html#sthash.bzWd68ie.dpuf

How many people do you have on staff?

15 and growing

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